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Thank you for your time, knowledge, and expertise. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I left the training more Informed and able to have conversations which may have been unable until today. Thank you for your perspectives and exceptional communication style. I look forward to another training.
I appreciated the training and how it was a conversation. I also really enjoyed the concrete and actionable steps to better improving how we provide care to Transgender and Non-binary participants.

This workshop provides a primer on the use of language, terminology, and broad overview of sexual and gender minority communities. Trans 101 includes the basics of community engagement and how non-transgender (cisgender) folks can support the transgender community.


This workshop takes a deeper dive into the complexities of providing health care and health services to transgender people. Trans 201 will review best practices with documentation, electronic medical records, data collection and surveillance, health environments, pronoun usage, professional development, and train providers on steps to supporting transgender clients.

This workshop takes a deeper dive into the complexities of serving transgender people in a community-based setting. Trans 201 will review best practices with creating affirming spaces, public accommodations, data collection and paperwork, developmental outreach, hiring and representation practices, programmatic review, and capacity building.

This workshop will focus on the actionable steps that your organization can take to create transgender-inclusive service providing environments. “What’s the T?” will review current organizational practices and policies to provide guidance for your staff and leadership. Ongoing technical assistance can be available separately.

This workshop will explore the complex health experiences and needs of transgender communities based on intersecting marginalized identities. “Trans at the margins” will describe the public health and medical needs of the transgender community, health disparities within and amongst the community, and barriers and facilitators to accessing care and services.

This workshop will focus on medical care considerations for transgender patients seeking gender affirming care. Included will be an overview of preparation for medical procedures, engaging in informed consent, reducing complications, health literacy assessment, post-procedural care, and multiple frameworks for approaching complex medical cases for transgender patients.